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Photos from the Glenn Ford Library

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1916: In Quebec, the infant Gwyllyn (later Glenn) Ford sits between his grandfather and great grandfather, as his dad Newton looks on. Newly arrived in Venice, California from Canada, Gwyllyn poses in 1922 with his new toy shepherd puppy. At 21 , Gwyllyn prepares to board a train for San Francisco where he will appear on stage in a tiny role in Golden Boy. By 1940, Gwyllyn had become Glenn, and the characteristic Ford looks that would make bobby-soxers swoon six years later, were in full bloom.
In the midst of their brief love affair, Joan Crawford and Glenn stroll on the Columbia Studios lot in 1942. Marine Private Glenn writes a letter to his mother from Camp Pendleton near San Diego in April, 1943. On October 23, 1943, Eleanor Powell and Glenn make a striking couple at their Beverly Hills wedding. Eleanor, one of Hollywood's most brilliant dancers was a bigger star than Glenn at the time. Semi-retired from her career, Eleanor poses with her husband and their infant son Peter, born on February 5, 1945.
Glenn's career received a significant boost when he was chosen by Bette Davis to play her love interest in the 1946 drama, A Stolen Life. Bette hoped sparks would fly off screen as well. Glenn as Johnny Farrell and Rita Hayworth as the title character in the 1946 classic Gilda. During the course of their enduring, complex relationship, Glenn and Rita would make five films together. On the set of 1955's The Violent Men, Glenn poses with costar Edward G. Robinson. Glenn sent this photo of his son to Eleanor who was away on a nightclub tour. She hated being separated from her family, and had returned to work primarily to help finance the Fords' stately new home.
A dramatic moment from the classic 1954 film noir, Human Desire, with Glenn and sultry Gloria Grahame. Glenn and his mother Hannah are photographed looking over a script in his office in the late 1950s. Weekends with the Ford family in the early 1950s were usually spent posing for publicity photos to be distributed to magazines all over the world. On the M-G-M set of The Blackboard Jungle, Glenn greets visitor Sal Mineo. The film stirred enormous controversy with it's frank depiction of juvenile delinquency within the New York school system. The movie's theme song, "(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock," forced Hollywood to acknowledge the rock n' roll era.
Glenn poses with Judy Garland in the 1960's.
Glenn's fine performances in such popular westerns as Jubal, 3:10 to Yuma, Texas, and The Fastest Gun Alive earned him induction in the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1978.
The late Hope Lange was Glenn's leading lady in Pocketful of Miracles and Love is a Ball, and she came close to becoming the second Mrs. Glenn Ford in the early 1960s.
Glenn poses with Judy Garland at CBS Television City in Hollywood during their 1963/64 romance. Glenn still enjoys the piano Judy gave him as a housewarming present. (Photo courtesy of Eleanor Lyon)

In the 1978 mega hit, Superman, Glenn portrayed the weathered and loving "earth father" to young son Clark Kent. On his home planet, the boy's father had been played by Marlon Brando, Glenn's eccentric costar in The Teahouse of the August Moon.

Peter and Glenn Ford
There was a brief period in the 1960s, when Peter and his dad were considered two of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors.
A circle of good friends: Glenn toasts Frank Sinatra; sidles up to western legends, Dale Evans, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, and poses with Bob Hope, whom he first met when Hope entertained Glenn's Marine platoon at Camp Pendleton during World War II. has a great selection of Glenn Ford merchandise, click below to purchase:

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