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Media Archives - Television / Video

This Media Archives page displays a number of significant Television - Video appearances of Peter Ford, author of the biography Glenn Ford: A Life.  They are listed by date of occurrence:

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Promo video made by Charmed Productions about the new biography, Glenn Ford: A Life written by his only child, Peter Ford.


Date: March 25, Friday
Interview with Martin Gould and Kathleen Walter for Newsmax (approximately 10 minutes)
Subject: Decadence in today's Hollywood


Date: July 14, Thursday
Event: Television interview with Connie Martinson Talks Books
Website: (two segments: Part 1 - 14:26 minutes / Part 2 - 13:36 minutes)
Subject: Glenn Ford: A Life 

Connie Martinson Part 1

Connie Martinson Part 2


Date: November 10, Thursday
Interview for Newsmax (approximately 12.34minutes)
Subject: Peter's recollections about growing up during Hollywood's Golden Age / Glenn Ford: A Life

The son of legendary actor Glenn Ford says the left doesnt have the same stranglehold over Hollywood it once did. In the Newsmax.TV video, Peter Ford also discusses his fathers and his own friendships with some of the biggest names in Hollywood history.

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